Water Heater Replacement

Should You Replace Or Repair Your Water Heater?

If you’ve woken up this morning to a cold shower, or if you’ve found a water heater leak, it may be time for a water heater replacement. If you’re in Rockwall, Texas and need expert professional help, our company will provide you with the quick response, quality of service, and the know-how that you need. We’ve been providing water heater services for many years and we’re proud of the reputation that we’ve earned for being reliable, honest and highly skilled. We understand how important it is to get the situation addressed quickly, so we’ll arrive soon after you call us and let you know whether your hot water heater can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced. You can count on us to provide you with the most economical solution that will keep your plumbing costs as low as possible.


Does Your Water Heater Require Replacement or Just Repair?

As experienced plumbers in Rockwall, Texas, we know that nobody wants to think about water heaters due to the costs.  When we arrive the first thing we’ll do is check to see if there is any way to repair your unit and avoid replacing it. A lot will depend on the age of your water heater, as most units reach the end of their useful life after about ten years. If your hot water heater is younger than that, there is a good chance that a simple repair will do the trick. Some common problems that we encounter include broken thermostats, stuck valves, sediment buildup, or the failure of a burner or heating element. Fixing any of these items takes little time and costs far less than a new unit.

Conventional And Tankless Water Heaters:

Unfortunately, older water heaters often spring leaks as a result of minerals in the water reacting with the steel and corroding the tank. A water heater leak can’t be repaired and a new one will be necessary. This may also be advised if your unit is older than ten years. The good news is that this can end up saving you a lot of money in energy costs, and our professional staff is highly knowledgeable about the most economical models. Innovations in water heater technology have made new conventional tank water heaters far more efficient, and most new models can save you as much as twenty percent over your old unit. We can also tell you about other options, including reliable tankless water heater brands, heat pumps and solar water heaters which may qualify you for federal tax credits.



We understand that having your hot water heater working well plays an important part of your quality of life, and it’s important to us as well. For immediate attention and skilled, knowledgeable service, call our Rockwall plumbing company today, and we’ll help you keep your water heater repair costs low while also reducing your future bills.

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